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Auto Dealers Equally Thrilled When Auto Show Rooms Unveil New Vehicles

Same as car buyers, many auto dealers become enthusiastic when Auto Show Rooms open their doors to present new vehicles.

This type of events, allow car dealers to explore new features, looks and performance of the new vehicles, but also look for potential clients to become hopefully loyal customers to their dealerships.

The Cincinnati Auto Expo is no exclusion to the fact. Patrick J. Cronin, Cronin Ford’s owner, states: “and before me, it was my father and grandfather before that, we’ve participated for a long, long time.” The Cronin family, has participated in the exposition for over 20 years.

Same as the Cronins, many family businesses participate in this event, which leads to automobile sales in the coming months of the year. This event always triggers an increase in car sales for all local dealerships.

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New Model Inspired in Chevrolet Camaro to Debut in Chicago

According to trusted sources, the 2011 Chicago Auto Show will be the base for the new Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

The expected muscle car, which no one has seen yet, will use a 6.2L V8. To maintain weight down, the hood and roof are being built with carbon fiber. All rear seats have been eliminated and racing alloys will be customized to the lightweight 19-inch ones.

The Z28 is already being name the rival of the Ford Mustang Boss 302.

The Chicago Auto Show will also unveil a second new vehicle from General Motors. Tune in next week and read more interesting news on new cars and best prices.

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