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One more Reason to Head Over to a Land Rover Dealer: Introducing the Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque is finally here! Before placing your order at the nearest Land Rover dealer, let us look at the winning qualities of the smallest and lightest vehicle to ever come out of Land Rover.

It was during January 2008 that the Land Rover LRX concept was introduced to the world. The company wanted a compact SUV that was stylish, chic, efficient and still capable off-road. Production started in July of 2011 and the Range Rover Evoque can finally shine on where it matters most: on the streets.

Make no mistake about the futuristic design of the Evoque. The wildly-tapering roof line gives the car a dynamic and athletic stance that seems to be more at home on the race track than on the road. The coupe version of the Range Rover Evoque gives the car buyer a choice between a lifestyle-oriented small SUV or something that is fit for the whole family.

The Range Rover Evoque is powered by a 240hp 2.0-liter gasoline engine, further complemented by a six-speed automatic transmission. If you think that 240hp is not enough to power a Range Rover then think again: the compact footprint and low weight of the car is more than enough to properly account for the meager power output. But then again, 240hp is still a lot coming from a small displacement engine.

Base models also get hill start assist, the famous Terrain Response System and electric power steering. Experience the most anticipated crossover SUV to ever hit the stands at the nearest Land Rover dealer today.

Dealer Hidden Profits Revealed!

Everybody will agree that running a car dealership is all about making good business. How else will they be able to continue giving the best leasing and financing deals if they don’t make a profit from each sale?

This is all well and good. In fact, there is nothing wrong with making a profit. The problem is that some car dealers are not content with earning up to $800 or $1,000 per sale, and we are only talking about small cars here. Luxury sedans, SUV’s and sports cars are money trees for the car dealer as well.

Car dealers make a profit on everything that concerns the selling profits. Here are the dealer hidden profits revealed. Keep them in mind and you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on a new car.

1. Dealer holdback – the dealer holdback should be deducted from the dealer invoice price as this amount will be paid back by the manufacturer. Car dealers often overstate the dealer invoice in the first place when in truth, they are already making a profit by presenting to you an erroneous and unfaithful figure! The holdback is around 3% of the MSRP of the car and is usually reserved for fleet buyers as an additional discount. Whatever the case may be, it is best come up with the true dealer cost rather than the invoice price alone when buying a new car as the true dealer cost will take into account the dealer holdback.

2. Vehicle options – vehicle options will add a lot of dollars to the base price of the car. Want a sunroof to complement that leather-clad interior and nine-speaker audio system with a subwoofer? Vehicle options allow the car dealer to make more money by simply making a marginal profit from each option that you tick on the spec list.

Find the best car dealer that offers the lowest price for any type of car by asking for a free dealer locator quote today.

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