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Best New Cars for 2012

How time flies. The year 2012 is almost near. Car makers are constantly pushing the envelopes of design, engineering and safety when it comes to producing the newest cars in the market.

Remember that all-new models might not necessarily be better than the old model or what competing models have to offer. It is safe to say that new cars will always be technologically-advanced compared to your old car and will most likely be more efficient and reliable as well. The best new cars for 2012 all promise enhanced levels of safety and refinement along with improved performance and all-day comfort.

Here are the best new cars for 2012 according to category:

2012 New Compact or Subcompact Car

2012 Fiat 500 – it’s about time that Americans embrace the realities of the modern world. The 2012 Fiat 500 is a small car that delivers timeless elegance and a sporty drive. It also proves that small cars are not only economical but pleasurable to drive as well

2012 Chevrolet Sonic – the Chevrolet Sonic replaces the old Chevrolet Aveo as the smallest car in the Chevrolet lineup. Find the Aveo to be too bland for your liking? Check out the new Sonic and you will be convinced that Chevrolet is up to par with other car makers when it comes to producing the best small cars.

2012 New Crossover SUV

2012 Range Rover Evoque – the all new Evoque is the smallest, lightest, most economical and gorgeous SUV to ever come out Land Rover. The Evoque is also sold as a coupe model, making it the stellar choice for a true lifestyle vehicle with real off-road capabilities.

2012 New Luxury Sedan

2012 Audi A7 – the all new Audi A7 might not exactly be your typical luxury sedan but it nevertheless delivers the comfort, prestige and power of a true luxury sedan while delivering a coupe-like styling profile that is both modern and very pleasing to the eyes.

2012 New Sports Coupe

2012 Scion FR-S – the all new Scion FR-S plans to inject an added dose of sportiness into the Scion brand and is destined to revive the glory days of small and sporty Toyota cars such as the Celica and yes, even the Toyota Supra. Not much has been disclosed at this time but the FR-S is destined to use a 2.0-liter boxer four engine co-developed with Subaru to produce a low slung sports car that is agile and extremely fun to drive–nice to look at, too.

Interested in one of the new cars mentioned above? Time to get a free dealer locator quote in order to determine the nearest dealer that offers the lowest possible price. You will be surprised on how easy and affordable it is to drive home your very own brand new model car.

How to Approach the Car Dealer and Negotiate the Price of a New Car

Car dealers are expert salesmen. They employ salespersons that are further trained to master the art of selling at a high profit. Look at it this way: if a particular car has a sticker price of around $25,000 then the dealer invoice will be around $21,000 to $23,000 depending on the car. The job of the salesperson at the dealership is to try to convince you to start your negotiations at the stated sticker price or MSRP. In that way, the car dealer will look like it gave a huge discount on the sale when in truth, there was never a real discount at all. It is all about manipulating the numbers.

With that in mind, here are simple tips that will teach you the right way on how to approach the car dealer and negotiate the price that you want:

1. Research. This alone will enable you to know the average market price of the car–the real price that actual car buyers are paying for the car in real time. It is also helpful to determine the dealer invoice and the true dealer cost to accurately determine a close figure. Car dealers will never stand a chance if you happen to know what you are actually talking about in terms of car prices.

2. Ask for multiple quotes from at least three to four car dealers. You can ask for a variety of online quotes or visit various car dealers from different locations to obtain what they are currently offering in the market. In this way,it is easy to compare local car prices so you will have an accurate basis for your negotiations.

3. Start at the lowest possible price. This is the secret that most car buyers are unaware of. The sticker price serves only to distract you from the truth. Never start your negotiations from the sticker price as the dealer invoice and true dealer cost will be the best starting points to come up with the lowest possible price.

Start with a free quote today and find out how you can negotiate the price that you want for any make and model of car. Get a free dealer quote today!

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