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Car Dealers to See Increase in Electric Vehicle Deals

The unstoppable increase in the price of gasoline is leading new and old car buyers to re think, get out of the comfort zone (in terms of vehicle preference) and decide to experience something that they never had: an electric vehicle.

When vehicles such as the Leaf and the Volt hit the market in late 2010 many were skeptical, mostly because of the high price but also because they did not know much about the newest technology and system of these vehicles.

Car dealers are now predicting that this year’s sale of electric vehicles will see a big spike. Even with the high sticker price, it seems a cheaper, more thought and secure option in the long term than to continue paying excessive price for gas.

Ron Coury, from the Northabu Nissan dealership in Petaluma California mentions: “Every time it goes up, my phone rings a little more.” “It’s the ones who’ve been sitting back and watching, and now they’re sticking their feet in the water.”

According to Dan Akerson, General Motors chief executive officer, they are launching a new ad campaign focusing in showing the great opportunity customers may experience having a fuel-efficient mode of transportation.

Remember that some states across the country are offering special rebates and that when buying a new electric vehicle you will qualify for the federal tax rebate of $7,500.

Ford Incentives and Rebates March 2012

Looking for ways on how to pay the absolute minimum on a new Ford? Local Ford dealers are now offering incentives and rebates for their vehicles. This is done in order to make way for new and incoming stock.

If you find a Ford dealer that is currently offering clearance and liquidation prices for the various vehicles on stock then you are sure to save thousands on your new Ford! You can take advantage of marvelous offers such as these:

Ford Taurus

The 2013 model of the Ford Taurus is set to change the way on how people look at big family sedans. The outgoing 2012 Ford Taurus is not bad at all, as it still offers a spacious interior and a truly comfortable ride.

You can now drive home the 2012 Ford Taurus at 0% APR for 60 months and get an additional $1,250 bonus cash. You can also enjoy up to $3,000 cash back with your purchase of the Ford Taurus.

Ford Fusion

The 2013 Ford Fusion is waiting in the wings, but the outgoing 2012 model is still a decent and safe choice for an affordable family car. The Ford Fusion is also a safe car to drive, and it offers decent amounts of interior space and a smooth ride.

The 2012 Ford Fusion is available at 0% APR for 60 months under Ford financing and this includes up to $1,500 bonus cash. You can also get up to $2,500 cash back on the 2012 Ford Fusion. All in all, this will significantly lower the purchase price and this will also give you lower monthly payments.

Ford Mustang

The 2013 Ford Mustang is even better than before, but the 2012 Mustang GT is still a great car to drive. The Mustang blends the looks and driving characteristics of the original pony car but it now comes in a more modern and sleek package, not to mention a fuel efficient and clean-burning engine as well.

Get the 2012 Ford Mustang GT at 0% APR for 60 months or up to $2,500 cash back for more savings! Ford will even include $500 matching down payment on the 2012 Mustang GT.

Ford Escape

The incoming Ford Escape will be available in Spring of 2012. However, if you want a compact crossover that is willing to forge the beaten path in the most economical way, the outgoing Ford Escape is an ideal candidate.

Get 0% APR for 60 months on the Ford Escape plus an additional $500 bonus cash. You can also get $1,500 cash back and Ford will even match your down payment up to $500. You can get at least $2,000 in savings on the 2012 Ford Escape.

Find updated Ford rebates, incentives, and clearance prices from your local Ford dealer and you will be amazed on how much money you can save on a new Ford vehicle.

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