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2013 Sales Boom, Deals Continue Through New Years

Car dealers are happy right now, thanks to what’s looking like the best December in history for new car sales. Car shoppers are happy, too, since it’s the best time of the year to get a great deal.

As experts predicted, 2013 has been a huge year for auto sales. The latest numbers project that new car sales will add up to 15.66 million for the year, an increase of 8% over 2012 (which was a great year itself for dealerships and manufacturers bouncing back after years of a tenuous post-recession economy).

Statistics indicate that, in terms of new car sales, 2013 will end strong. Experts’ forecast calls for 1,425,818 new cars and trucks to be sold nationwide in December, a 15% increase over November and a 5% higher than December 2012. The Detroit Bureau reported that consumers are slated to spend a total of $34 billion on new cars this month, which will be an all-time high for December.

Strong consumer demand in December is the cap on another strong year for the auto industry. Retail sales in 2013 are expected to reach 12.8 million. Along with consumer spending reaching a record $375 billion, this represents a $40 billion increase in comparison to 2012.

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2013 Car Sales To End On A High Note

It’s going to be a great Christmas for car dealers and shoppers, experts say. According to a forecast by J.D. Power and LMC Automotive, December retail sales will climb 4 percent to 1,134,600 units. The forecast has been adjusted to for the one less selling day in December 2013.

Based on that prediction, December’s seasonally adjusted annualized rate, or SAAR, for retail sales will be 12.7 million units. Although down from November’s rate of 13.4 million, this month’s rate will be 660,000 units stronger than in December 2012.

Moreover, thanks to an average transaction price of $30,500 – up $500 from last year – this month will set a new December selling record with as estimated $34 billion spent by consumers on new vehicles.

Strong consumer demand in December has brought about a strong year for the automotive industry. Retail sales in 2013 are expected to reach 12.8 million, with consumer spending reaching a record $375 billion, a $40 billion increase when compared to 2012.

Total light vehicle sales, including deliveries to fleet customers, will hit 1.4 million units – an increase of 4 percent – in December. Fleet sales account for about 17.6 percent of total vehicle sales in 2013. The U.S. auto market is expected to hit 15.6 million total vehicle sales in 2013.

Not only is it a great season for car dealers, but shoppers are getting great discounts in December. Discounts through the end of the year will average over 9%, with savvy shoppers getting even better price cuts. To find the best offers from local dealers, visit BestDealerLocator.Com.

Happy Holidays!

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