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When Buying New is Actually Cheaper

While used cars are usually less expensive, car makers have been working to lure even the most budget-conscious shoppers back to the showroom. When the right buying conditions align, a brand new model could be worth consideration.

Low Depreciation
Despite the general assumption that a new car depreciates by 20% as soon as they leave dealership, there are some vehicles that hold their value much better than that. While this alone doesn’t make buying new cheaper, it may narrow the long-term cost difference. This is particularly true if you don’t drive the car for more than a few years. For example, a new Honda Accord, which has a five-star depreciation rating, could be more sensible than paying almost the same amount for a gently used model.

Manufacturer & Dealer Incentives
Due to recent tough times for the auto industry, car buyers have benefited from deep discounts on new vehicles. Big trucks are particularly affected. These rebates may even be combined with very low financing rates. A deal like that may make the actual cost comparable with a slightly used version, which has no rebate and standard financing.

A car which is under warranty is more valuable because your are protected from having to shell out for costly repairs. When combined with below-average depreciation and/or generous incentives, and a new car might just be the way to go.

For current incentives and offers from dealers in your area, visit BestDealerLocator.com.

Choosing a New Car Dealer

Choosing a new car dealer can be confusing. When deciding which new car to buy, shoppers are often worried about the process of negotiating, depreciation, financing and many other concerns. These worries have transformed car buying into a game of strategy. However, the following tips can make the process easier.

First, consider the type of automobile you want to buy. Whether you are looking for a family vehicle to take frequent trips in, or you’re a student looking at a first or second car, the vehicle type will help you choose a dealer.

Next, identify models that interest you. You will need to identify your top two or so choices in order to choose dealerships to visit. Don’t get caught up into conversations; you are still in the process of considering the best choice for your new-car needs.

After identifying your top choices, start doing research on dealerships around you. For your top two automobile choices, you should ideally locate the nearest two or three dealerships. This will be important in getting the price down, as dealerships stocking the same models will fight for your business.

Make sure you have identified all applicable sales. Car manufacturers often hold sales which may allow you to get a better deal on the vehicle of your choice.

In order to get the best price for your vehicle, one great way to get a low price on a car is to use BestDealerLocator.Com to get free quotes on the vehicle of your choice from local dealers near you. This way, when it comes to making a decision, you will have price quotes that you can use to your advantage.

Once you have obtained price quotes, start contacting dealerships that stock your top choice. Get the dealerships’ best prices on your vehicle, and then it’s time to visit these dealerships and begin speaking with salespeople about purchasing.

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