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Should You Pass on the Extended Service Contract?

Dealers often try to sell an extended service contract on a new car, but experts say that the peace of mind may not be worth the extra cost. Often referred to as an “extended warranty,” the dealer may try to package it in with the cost of the car.

However, experts recommend that rather than add-on the extended service contract, buyers should consider putting aside money for repairs in an interest-bearing account. After all, if you opt for the extended service contract, you’re essentially doing just that (without the benefit of interest). And if you finance the contract, you actually end up paying extra in interest.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, like most insurance companies, these warranties pay out less than they take in. About 55% of people who chose to purchase the extended warranty never used it.

Those who did use the warranty saved an average of $837 between 2006 and 2010, according to a Consumer Reports survey. The average cost of the warranty was about $1,214.

However, the results of that survey weren’t all negative. Buyers of some brands, like (Mercedes, Chrystler, Dodge and BMW) reported being satisfied with their choice to buy the extended contract.

Did you opt for an extended warranty on your last car? If so, how do you feel about the purchase?

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Dealers Overstocked with High Quality Models

Right now, car dealerships are packed with 2014 models, making them ready to offer great deals. There are bargains available for every buyer and budget.

From high-end makers reeling in buyers with low-priced models to mainstream brands loading vehicles with extra features normally found only on top-tier models, American-made cars are back in a big way. GM and Chrysler are introducing excellent new models, attempting to catch up with Ford as well as foreign competition. And just about every maker has begun offering green alternatives, whether they’re hybrid, electric or diesel.

Auto sales are at the highest in six years, which has led manufacturers to overproduce. Now, they are fighting for a share of the market, so they’re setting out some amazing incentives.

New cars in all price ranges are better-made than ever. You can now find mid-range and inexpensive cars that offer features which not so long ago were found exclusively in luxury vehicles, like high-quality materials and safer designs, and even infotainment systems.

Quality gaps are narrowing, and this allows customers to get more for their money than ever before. For great offers from dealers in your area, request your free car quotes from BestDealerLocator.com today!

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