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Tesla Fights Missouri Auto Dealer’s Lobby

Tesla Motors is facing opposition at almost every turn with state governments, and Missouri is one of their latest battles. Auto dealers in Missouri have added new language to an existing state bill that would limit the number of vehicle sales to franchised dealers in the state. Tesla spoke out and is proclaiming that the Missouri auto dealer lobby is looking to prevent Tesla from selling vehicles at their company owned stores.

Tesla recently remarked,” “Last night, the bill with the new anti-Tesla language passed the Senate after zero public consultation and is soon moving to the House floor for a final vote, essentially without debate. This change is not an innocent, minor amendment.” Tesla is currently fighting similar legislation in Ohio, New Jersey and Texas.

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Missouri Delays Possible Ban on Tesla’s Electric Vehicles

Missouri state legislators killed a bill that would have disallowed Tesla from selling directly to customers in the state. The Missouri speaker of the House of Representatives told the Wall Street Journal that legislation would be reintroduced next year. Missouri HB 1124 deals mostly with all-terrain vehicles, but an additional provision would ban direct sales from vehicle manufacturers.

Tesla only has one store in Missouri currently, in St. Louis., but is looking to expand in the Midwest. There are state by state battles happening across the country about letting Tesla into their states. The local franchised dealers are spending a lot of money to keep Tesla out of their states, including in Texas, where over 780 million was estimated to be spent. Battles are also occurring in New Jersey, Washington and other states.

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