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Finding the Right Car Dealership

Finding the right dealership is crucial when you are purchasing or leasing a new car. There is much more interaction and service rendered by the dealership after you sign on the dotted line, including general service visits and warranty or recall issues. After finding the vehicle or vehicles you are interested in buying, doing some research about the dealerships that sell your next vehicle can be beneficial in the long term.

A checklist of things to consider when purchasing a new vehicle would be as follows; Customer Reviews – What are people saying about their car buying experience at the dealership? Is it a no frills, sign here type of experience, or are they pampering you with exotic coffees. How did other buyers feel about the transaction? You can learn a lot about a dealership by reading their reviews.

Service Rating – How well rated is the dealership’s automotive department? You can search review sites such as Bing, Google Places or Yelp to find information from people in your area who have had their car serviced. It is also wise to ask which days are their busiest to avoid having service completed on those days.

Friendliness – This may not be important monetarily, but it does make a difference in the long term. If the dealership makes you feel welcome, you are more willing to bring your car there for regular service. Using the same mechanics over the life of the vehicle may help you save money with preventative maintenance along the way.

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Nissan’s Next Gen EVs Focus on Style and Stamina

Buckle up. Nissan has announced that their next generation Leaf will not only improve its battery and thus its range, but also add mainstream styling for a better interior experience. But you have some time to save up, as the next gen Leaf won’t debut until early 2017.

The Leaf’s battery is getting a complete rethink, with new chemistry driving the increased capacity and distance. New 2014 Nissan Leaf’s average 84 miles with a full charge, and estimates are that the distance will double at least. It will also feature “wireless inductive charging”.

Nissan is also looking to upgrade its interior, using its own stylish interiors instead of their plain EV interiors. They have mentioned that Tesla’s vehicles do not look like EVs, but much more stylish. Look out for Nissan and Infinity’s EV revolution in the coming years. For now, get EV quotes at www.BestDealerLocator.com and save money until the 2017s come out.

Dealer Locator Blogs
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