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Locate Mitsubishi Dealers to Obtain Huge Discounts and the Best Offers

Mitsubishi vehicles possess a unique characteristic that makes them truly awesome to drive. They are known for their precise handling characteristics and athletic road demeanor. New Mitsubishi cars and SUVs may not be the most comfortable or plush vehicles in the market, but they remain one of the best in terms of cornering and handling.

Buying a new Mitsubishi vehicle has never been this easy. You should locate all Mitsubishi dealers in your zip code to obtain the best offers and the latest discounts. By doing so, you can view the latest deals make dealers compete in giving you the best price.

Here are the latest discount offers and incentives for new Mitsubishi vehicles:

Mitsubishi Lancer

The Mitsubishi Lancer is a strong contender in the compact class. The new Lancer is now offered with a $500 cash rebate and 0.0% APR financing for up to 48 months.

Lease prices for the Mitsubishi Lancer starts at $189 per month for 24 months with $2,400 due at signing.

The Lancer Sportback is the one to have if you demand more practicality in a stylish and sporty package. Lease prices for the Lancer Sportback starts at $196 per month for 24 months with $2,400 due at signing.

The Lancer Evolution is a high-performance animal that can be tamed for the daily urban drive. The Lancer Evolution is currently offered at 0% APR for 36 months and a lease price of $349 per month for 48 months with $3,400 due at signing.

Mitsubishi Galant

The Mitsubishi Galant offers sporty handling with room for five adult passengers. The Mitsubishi Galant is offered with a $3,500 factory rebate and 0.0% APR for up to 60 months.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

If a sporty compact SUV is your thing, then you should include the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in your shopping list. The Outlander Sport comes with a $1,000 factory rebate and 0.0% APR financing for up to 40 months.

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport starts with a lease price of $219 per month for 36 months with $2,800 due at signing.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a sporty midsize SUV that can attack corners like a sport-tuned car. The Outlander comes with $1,000 factory rebates and 0.0% APR financing for 48 months.

Lease prices for the Outlander starts at $249 per month for 36 months with $3,000 due at signing.

All Mitsubishi rebates and offers are good until 7/31/2012.

The Truth about the Dealer Holdback

The dealer holdback seems to be a mystery for some but new car buyers should be aware of this amount in order to save more money on a brand new car.

The holdback is around 2% to 3% of the total MSRP of the car. Think about it: if you are planning to buy a new car for $20,000 then the dealer holdback would be $400 to $600.

The dealer holdback is used by car dealers to pay for other expenses associated with the successful sale of the car. This can include additional taxes, advertising expenses and agent commissions. The car manufacturer will give back the amount to the car dealer a few weeks after the sale of the car.

In truth, the dealer holdback is actually intended for fleet car buyers as an additional discount. This is also used to further entice new car shoppers from buying a new car.

If the car dealer presents to you an offer that is stated to be ‘below the invoice price’ then you better be careful: this may sound too good to be true. Keep in mind that car dealers will never sell a car without making a profit even in the case of overstocked units.

The new age of car shopping starts now. Find all the best car dealers that give the lowest price and understand how the dealer holdback will enable you further save money in your new car buying experience.

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