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Auto Racing
AIM Tuning: Specialized in Miata Cars, its performance and reliability.
AP Racing: Find all type of brakes, clutches and equipment for motorsports.
ARE Racing Engine Systems: Offering wide variety of aluminum and magnesium fry sump oil pans and valve covers.
Abacus Racing: Find Vintage Nissan, MG and Triumph Engines.
Action Resources: Offers an specialized team in motor sports.
Engine Builders
Auto Shop Racing Engines: Focuses in designing racing engines for drag racing and extreme street performance.
C1 Sports, Ltd: Mainly working in rally car preparation. Supplier of second hand high performance Japanese engines.
Electric Vehicles
AC Propulsion, Inc: Biggest manufaturer of battery and propulsion systems for electric cars.
ATT R&D: Find battery powered vehicles in light weight aluminum and composite bodies
Aero Viroment Inc: Supplying products and technology for clean energy good performing vehicles.
Alke: Manufaturer of high performance utility vechiles for professional use.
Aptera Motors: Working to produce a three-wheel electric car.
Azure Dynamics: Produces control systems for hybrid electric and electric vehicle powertrains.
Better Place: Producing a market based transportation infrastructure supporting electric vehicles.
Bigetti: Manufacturer of electric powered scooters, bicycles and other transport alternatives.
Bluebird Automotive: Distributor and manufaturer of electrical cars.
Truck Manufaturers
American Isuzu Motors: Largue manufacturer of reknown medium and heavy trucks.
Autocar LLC: Creator and manufacturer of the Xpeditor, used mainy for refuse hauling.
BMC UK Ltd: Imports and customizes trucks and buses.
Cambli International Inc: Specializes in importing and custom manufaturing armored trucks.
Capacity of Texas Inc: Manufactures terminal tractors, spotting tractors and trailer jockers in Texas.
Crane Carrier Co: Specializes in buidling heavy duty trucks, terminal tractors and mobile equipment.

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