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Newest Auto Recall Breaks Annual Recall Record

Monday’s recall from many different auto dealers has pushed this year’s recall totals to 31.4 million vehicles. This recall total breaks the previous recall record of 30.8 million vehicles back in 2004, which was an annual total. We are only 6 months into 2014 and have already broken an annual total. The 31.4 million vehicles is also more vehicles that have been sold in the United States this year.

The latest recall is a defective part made by the Takata Corporation, which is used by many auto dealers in their cars. This has amplified the problem as many different automakers are using the same parts from third party manufacturers to cut their own costs. Their two defective parts, the Takata air bag inflator and their ignition switch, are responsible for roughly 578,000 vehicles. This news is not good for the industry and consumer confidence in their products.

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