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The Hidden Truth Behind Dealer Invoice Cost

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What is Dealer Invoice Cost?

Dealer invoice cost refers to the amount a dealership actually pays for a new car or truck. Dealerships are offered discounted pricing from the manufacturer. They are given price breaks, because they are buying straight from the factory in bulk amounts.

The concept of “wholesale” applies here. When you buy an item in large quantities, you are given a better price than if you were simply buying 1 of that item.

The Business of Selling Cars

The idea behind dealerships is to buy vehicles from the manufacturer for as little money as possible, then turn around and sell those same cars to buyers for as much money as possible. Dealerships are seeking out the highest possible profit on each new car or truck.

It is not realistic to think that you can walk into a dealership and be offered dealer invoice cost on the new car that you want to buy. You will have to navigate through many different prices that the dealership tries to distract you with.

Sticker Prices- the sticker price of a new vehicle is the labeled sale price you’ll find on the dealership lot. In rare occasions you can find sticker prices that are at or near MSRP, however, it is more common that the sticker price will be higher.

MSRP- this is the manufacturer’s suggested retail value for the new car or truck. Production costs, destination fees, and a little extra on top for dealer profit are all added together to calculate the MSRP.

Making Dealer Invoice Cost Work For You

The dealerships want you to think that the sticker price or even the MSRP are the lowest possible price that they can sell your new car for. Do not be fooled!

It is possible to pay dealer invoice cost and even below it.

Dealerships receive added incentives from the manufacturer for selling cars. When you buy your new car from a dealership, not only does the dealership receive money from you, but they also receive extra money from the manufacturer.

This means that no matter what you end up paying, they will still profit off of the sale.

Request a free, no obligation price quote to view the dealer invoice cost for the new car you want to buy. In seconds you will be shown exactly how much the dealership paid for your new car or truck.

Saving thousands of dollars is as simple as clicking your mouse! Request your free price quote today and leave inflated prices in the dust.

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