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Find The Top Virginia Dealers Offering The Best New Car Dealer Incentives

Customer incentives are easy to understand. They can include things such as low-interest or $0 interest financing, cash-back offers, customer rebates, or certain incentives given directly to the buyer. New car “dealer incentives” are different, but they can still reduce a car’s selling price and save you money.

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Understanding New Car Dealer Incentives

Dealer Incentives come from the manufacturer to the dealership, to reduce the true cost of a car. The incentive amount will depend on the region. Dealer Incentives are offered by the car manufacturer to boost vehicle sales by causing competition among dealerships to move inventory that isn’t selling quickly.

  • It’s important to note, new car dealer incentives aren’t just being offered on the slower selling models. Manufacturers may also provide dealerships with rebate offers/incentives to establish new customers, or in exchange for taking on added inventory.

  • Certain dealer incentives may be available when specific sales objectives are met – with additional sales generating a higher rebate than most.

  • While the dealership is not under any obligation to reduce new car prices by passing on these dealer incentives (rebates) to potential car buyers, there are customer incentives that are rightfully yours. The tricky part will be asking around and negotiating in order to take advantage of such incentives.

  • Keep in mind, dealer incentives motivate the dealerships to sell cars. If the dealer is reaching a sales goal, they’ll be much more motivated to offer you a great price on the car that you want.

  • Don’t forget: Car dealers have to pay the manufacturer in order to have cars in stock. Consequently, even if the available incentives are not attached to a certain trim or model of the car, incentives are more flexible (or negotiable) on a car that’s been sitting on the lot for a long time. The longer the car sits around, the better deal you can negotiate.

  • Don’t forget about the “dealer holdback”. The holdback is different than new car “dealer incentives”. The “holdback” is typically 2%-3% of the factory invoice price or the vehicle MSRP. This amount is returned to the car dealer and is helpful in increasing the dealership’s cash-flow. Dealerships view holdbacks as something they’re entitled to, though it gives them wiggle room when it comes to the final sale price.

When you’re aware of new car dealer incentives, dealer holdbacks, and rebates – prior to entering a dealership – you can use the knowledge to negotiate an even lower purchase price.

Request a FREE Car Quote now and have the information you need from the best local car dealerships to make buying a new car a stress-free, haggle-free experience.

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